Helping vulnerable children express themselves


We work with vulnerable and HIV-positive children in half-day to week-long art workshops.  We carefully build a team of local counsellors, teachers, artists, and others to run these workshops with us. We also bring in established artists to mentor younger talent.


Our workshops each have a theme.  They are designed to provide counselling and support to children living in difficult circumstances while also giving them an opportunity to paint, play, and learn.  This work is based on the belief that children need time to reflect on their lives, share their fears and dreams, and be heard and supported by adults close to them.  They also need to have fun!


Some are based on the values in our TICAH Community Calendar (peace, forgiveness, justice, leadership, kindness).  Some, like our “Tree of Hope” workshop, are designed to help children identify their fears, see themselves as having power and choice, reduce their feelings of hopelessness, and share their hopes for their futures with adults in their lives.


Other programs help children design and paint community murals with messages about things that matter to them, or that challenge or provoke community attention and action.

The TICAH Art With Heart children’s program works with a number of schools and communities.  We welcome new partnerships and invitations to grow this work further.



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