Exploring local social issues with art

We work with established and younger Kenyan artists to create beautiful, often-provocative, murals in local communities and schools  where they live.

Deciding what to paint and where to paint is collective, including support group members and local leaders. Many of the TICAH murals are depictions of TICAH Community Calendar themes ( courage, forgiveness, honesty and peace…….)

Our murals in Viwandani, many done in collaboration with a local arts program called Wajukuu, include one about community resources in which a big fish and a little “wananchi/people” fish face off against a plate of local resources like land, food, water, and justice.

Another TICAH mural in Korogocho on the theme of “Beauty” portrays the lanes of their neighborhood as they want them to be. It reads: “It takes unity to make our community beautiful.”

Some of these murals have been on the walls of these communities for over four years and they are still in excellent condition. Local residents take care of them, and look forward to more.

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