This Sculpture Park at the National Museum is a beautiful place to rest, enjoy the river, and reflect.

When TICAH built the Medicine Shield Garden at the National Museum, there was an unsightly area behind the adjoining Snake Park where three gum trees has been cut down and left to rot.

We approached the Museum leadership and proposed that we invite sculptors in to make statues, benches, tables, and other items from these felled trees.  They agreed and TICAH invited well-known Kenyan artists based at Kuona Trust to work with our group to create a small park filled with sculptures depicting Kenyan cultures.

We call this area the “River Shrine/Kaya ya Mto.”  In 2014, when we invited elders from the Coast to participate in a Peace Path event, they consecrated some of the sculptures with blessing using castor oil.  Each time they have visited since then, they have again made a peace blessing there.

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