Helping households make the best choices they can

TICAH works with community groups to improve knowledge about herbal remedies, nutritious foods, common illnesses, and health services.  Our goal is to help households make the best choices they can for themselves and their children.
Healthy Households is a holistic program providing practical knowledge, inspiration, resources, and relationships to help AIDS-affected households in Nairobi slum communities make the healthiest choices they can for themselves and their children.
Using TICAH’s Community Calendar and publication, Using Our Traditions: A Herbal and Nutritional Guide for Kenyan Families, as its centrepieces, these programs creates children’s programs and supports adult and youth group learning, discussion, and actions that improve health, build community cohesion, combat violence, and support the psychological and physical development of children.

Children’s Health

Supporting children and their well-being

Community Leadership

Support for inspiring local leadership

Family Budgets

Helping families make better choices

Health Journal

Recording physical and emotional health

Healthy Eating

Improve diets and health simply and at low cost

Herbal Remedies

Natural medicine and holistic health

HIV Support Groups

Peer empowerment and mutual support


For a positive change in how you think and feel


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