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  • English : Aloe
  • Kamba : Kiluma
  • Kikuyu : Kiruma, Thukurui
  • Luo : Ogaka
  • Maasai : Osuguroi

Important Information

Most people talk about Aloe vera, but this species is not actually indigenous to Kenya. However, there are many aloes that grow in Kenya which are medicinal and can be used in the same way as Aloe vera.The most common medicinal species are:

  • Aloe lateritia
  • Aloe graminicolaAloe scabrifolia
  • Aloe secundiflora
  • Aloe turkanensis

It is important to note that some aloes are poisonous. If you are not sure whether an aloe species that grows in your area is medicinal or poisonous, the best thing to do is to check with your local herbalist.
Pregnant women should not take Aloe internally.


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