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Herpes Simplex

About the Illness

This is a painful skin infection of blisters in the genital area and sometimes around the mouth.
It is caused by the herpes virus which is spread through sexual contact. The virus stays in the body after all signs of infection have gone and new blisters can appear at any time, from months to years later.
Usually the new sores will appear in the same place. The blisters are more likely to develop when your immunity is low so it is a common problem amongst HIV+ people. Women’s immunity is lower just before menstruation so blisters also often appear then.

Common Symptoms

One or more small, painful blisters, like drops of water on the skin, appear on the lips, penis, vagina, anus, buttocks or thighs; blisters burst and form small, open sores which dry up and become scabs; women often experience pain while urinating; sores can last for 3 weeks or more and may be accompanied by fevers and swollen, painful lymph nodes in the groin area.

Children’s Issues

If a woman has herpes sores when she gives birth, her baby can become infected.
This is very dangerous. Let your health worker or midwife know if you have ever had genital herpes.

Important Information

You should seek professional help if:

  • Blister area is swollen, red and you experience severe pain.
  • Pus is coming out of blisters or can be seen under the skin.
  • Blisters are producing a bad smell.

Herbal Therapy

Keep blisters as clean as possible by washing them and the surrounding area with:

Neem Tea good for all

Dilute a few drops of neem oil in some warm water and use it to bathe OR boil a handful of leaves in 1 ltr water for 15-20 minutes, allow to cool and then use it to bathe.

Moringa Leaf Extract good for all

Crush a handful of leaves and soak them in 1 ltr cold water for 30 minutes and use it to bathe.

After cleansing, apply either of the following to soothe the blisters:

Milking Gel good for all

Apply to affected area after cleansing.

Aloe vera Gel good for all

Apply to affected area after cleansing.
(This is produced by ICIPE and sold in supermarkets).

You must also help your body fight the infection both by eating recommended foods and taking one of the following remedies:

Withania somnifera Infusion good for all

Crush 2 handfuls of fresh leaves and soak them in 2 ltr warm water for 30 minutes.
Put some of the solution aside and then sit in the remainder for 10 minutes 2x daily.
Drink 1/4 glass of unused solution 2x daily for two weeks.
After 4 days the blisters should dry out and the pain stop.

Moringa Bark Tea good for all

Boil a handful of bark in 3 ltr water in a covered pan for 30-40 minutes.
Allow to cool, then bathe wounds and drink 1 glass 3x daily.

Food and Nutrition Advice

  • Eat food with high zinc content.
  • Eat food with high calcium content.
  • Eat food with high vitamin E content.
  • Eat food with high vitamin C content.

Body Work and General Advice

  • Do not have sex when blisters and sores are present, not even with a condom.
  • Clean the genital area after urination.
  • If possible don’t wear underpants so the genital area dries naturally.

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