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Fungal Infection—Hands & Feet

About the Illness

Fungal infections on the hands and feet are commonly known as athlete’s foot and are usually caused by an overgrowth of a fungus called Candida albicans in the body.


Most infections grow in the form of a ring and are often very itchy. Finger and toe nails infected with fungus become rough and thick. It is much more common in hot and humid environments.


Common Symptoms

Round, itchy patches of flaky skin on hands and/or feet; nails become black underneath and generally rough and thick; feet become swollen and painful and it is hard to wear shoes; sores spread through touch.


Children’s Issues

Children tend to suffer from ringworm, rather than athlete’s foot.


Herbal Therapy

Neem Oil good for kids

Apply neem oil directly on the affected area OR add drops of neem oil to a basin of warm water.
Clean hands/feet and then soak in the solution for as long as you like.
Dry hands/feet thoroughly and wear open shoes.
Infections should take 3 days to clear.


Sodom Apple Fruit good for all

Cut the fruit in half and use the fruit juice to bathe hands/feet for 1 week.
After 3 days the infection should clear, but continue with the treatment for a full week.


Moringa Seed Solution good for all

Crush seeds, dissolve in water then bathe hands/feet in solution OR crush seeds and mix with Mafuta ya Ngombe and apply to affected area.
The infection should clear within 1 week.


Garlic good for all

Apply GOOT ointment OR pound garlic and apply it to the affected area.
This should clear the infection in 3 days.
Garlic is very strong and can be quite painful until you get used to it.
For this reason it may not be a good remedy for some people.


Food and Nutrition Advice

Follow guidelines to prevent thrush – General Health and Diet Related Problems:

  • Avoid caffeine and nicotine.

  • Avoid sugar. (This means refined sugar, yeast, dairy products, wheat products and alcohol.)

  • Eat raw garlic, selenium-rich foods, fresh natural yoghurt (not sweetened or flavoured), yellow vegetables, cooked banana and green vegetables (but not acidic ones like spinach and mchicha).

  • If you take antibiotics then eat unsweetened, natural yoghurt (Maziwa mala) to help friendly bacteria grow in your digestive system.


Body Work and General Advice

  • Dry feet properly after washing.

  • Wear open shoes.

  • This is highly contagious, so be careful of spreading it on your own body and to others.

  • Don’t share clothes, towels or bedding with others when you are infected.

  • Don’t share shoes with other people.

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