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About the Illness

Ringworm is a fungal infection that tends to affect head and body areas and is common in children, particularly HIV+ children.


Common Symptoms

Round, itchy, scaly patches on head and body; hair loss on head where patches occur; sores that spread through touch.


Children’s Issues

Ringworm is a fungal infection, more common in children than adults.
Children are often aware that ringworm is a sign of HIV infection and can be teased and discriminated against in school because of this. It is therefore important to treat the infection promptly in order to prevent them experiencing stigma.


Herbal Therapy

Having cleaned the infected area, apply one of the following treatments. The infection should take 3 days to clear:


Neem Oil good for all

Apply directly to the affected area 2x daily for 7 days.

Sodom Apple Fruit good for all

Cut the fruit in half and apply juice to the affected area 2x daily for 7 days.


Garlic good for all

Crush as many pieces of garlic as you need and apply to the affected area 2x daily for 7 days OR apply GOOT.


Aloe Juice good for all


Apply juice from any aloe species to the affected area 2x daily for 7 days.

Food and Nutrition Advice

Follow guidelines to prevent Thrush in the General Health and Diet Related Problems section:

  • Avoid caffeine and nicotine.

  • Avoid sugar. (This means refined sugar, yeast, dairy products, wheat products and alcohol.)

  • Eat raw garlic, selenium-rich foods, fresh natural yoghurt (notsweetened or flavoured), yellow vegetables, cooked banana and greenvegetables (but not acidic ones like spinach and mchicha).

  • If you take antibiotics then eat unsweetened, natural yoghurt(maziwa mala) to help friendly bacteria grow in your digestive system.

Body Work and General Advice

It is important to keep the infected area clean, so wash it with soap and water every day.
(Neem soap is best.)

Ringworm is highly contagious so take the following precautions to prevent it spreading from one child to another:

  • Do not let a child with fungal infection sleep with others.

  • Do not let different children use the same comb, or use each other’s clothing or towel unless these are washed or well cleaned first.

  • Treat an infected child immediately.

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