In 2010, we started producing our beautiful teaching calendar designed to stimulate learning and discussion in the communities where we work. For the past three years, the theme for the calendar has been “Healthy Seeds/Mbegu Njema.”

The TICAH Calendar is filled with Kenyan art, provocative quotes, and events in history. Each month includes “healthy seeds” in the form of simple herbal recipes for common illnesses, values to talk about, history to learn from, questions to discuss in groups, clubs, and classrooms, excerpts from the Kenyan Constitution and other laws.

Each year, the print run for the TICAH calendar has risen and the people who use it and participate in our training and outreach programs related to our calendar has also grown. We provide training in the use of the calendar in schools, colleges, and community groups, providing free copies when we are able to do so.

We do our best to support and monitor its use in a diversity of settings, for a range of goals. Some calendar users are most interested in history. Others, particularly youth groups, are most interested in the rights and artwork in the Calendar. Still others are most enthusiastic about the herbal remedies and the provocative questions we ask.

TICAH welcomes sponsors and contributors. The artwork and photographs in the calendar are donated; the quotes, recipes, and items from history are collected from calendar users, TICAH staff, friends, Board members, and other partners. Anyone interested in using or supporting the TICAH Community Calendar should let us know.

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