About  TICAH

Our mission, history, people, and contacts

TICAH, the Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health, was founded in Kenya in 2003 to enhance the positive links between health and cultural knowledge, practice, belief, ritual, and artistic expression.

Our work spans Africa and Asia, focuses on AIDS and traditional medicine, sexuality and gender, food and art activism. We do research and training in comprehensive AIDS care, policy work to improve the quality of and availability of treatment choices, projects to encourage recognition of positive living as a lifelong process, convening of conferences and expert committees, documentation to stimulate attention to grassroots solutions, and activist advocacy to raise our voices in effective ways, ways that influence policies and programs.

We also have a 501(c)3, TICAH – USA which was set up in New York. It has an independent Board of Directors and will work to support TICAH in our work and to resource and run companion programs and exhibitions.


TICAH has been or is currently supported by a range of donors whose interests span women’s rights, sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, sexual rights, health policy, children’s health, community leadership, arts and activism, human rights, ritual and healing, mindfulness practice, and indigenous communities.

Our current donors include

  1. Egmont Trust (UK),
  2. Lambent Foundation (USA),
  3. Amplify Change (UK),
  4. Segal Family Foundation,
  5. International Women’s Health Coalition,
  6. Indigenous People’s Fund of the Tides Foundation

Past donors include HIVOS (Netherlands), International Planned Parenthood Federation (UK), Ford Foundation (East Africa), Tejcheve Foundation (Netherlands) Global Education Fund (USA), Africa Women and Development Fund, Bernard van Leer Foundation (Netherlands), Rockefeller Foundation (USA), German AID GTZ (Kenya), Carmel Hill Fund (USA), Africa Fund for Endangered Wildlife (Kenya), MAC AIDS Fund (USA), Akiba Uhaki (Kenya), Netherlands Embassy (Kenya), Tides Foundation (USA), Pema Chodron Foundation, and many private donors.


Our work would not be possible without our team of partners and kindred organizations, including the following:

  1. African Health and Development International (AHADI), Kenya
  2. Africa Women and Child Feature Service, Kenya
  3. Art2Be, Kenya
  4. COVAW, Kenya
  5. CRADLE, Kenya
  6. CREA, India
  7. Fortress of Hope, Kenya
  8. Global Education Fund, USA and Kenya
  9. Global Peace Initiative of Women, USA
  10. Go Down, Kenya
  11. Grassroots Alliance for Community Education (GRACE), Kenya
  12. Health Counterparts Consulting, Thailand
  13. Human Rights Media Centre, South Africa
  14. International Coalition of Sites of Conscience, USA
  15. IPAS, USA
  16. Karavali Positive Women’s Network in Mangalore, India
  17. Kuona Trust, Kenya
  18. Mediators International, USA
  19. National Museums of Kenya
  20. Nutrition Technical Forum, Kenya
  21. Point of View, Mumbai, India
  22. Pro-Cultura, USA
  23. PROMETRA International in Senegal and several PROMETRA chapters in Africa and the USA
  24. Raising Voices, Uganda
  25. Reproductive Health and Rights Alliance, Kenya
  26. Saitharn PHA Club, Thailand
  27. Sanctuaries Ltd., Kenya
  28. Society for AIDS Orphans Network, Kenya
  29. Sponsored Arts for Education (SAFE), UK
  30. UHAI East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative, Kenya
  31. Wajukuu Arts, Kenya
  32. Women Fighting AIDS in Kenya (WOFAK), Kenya
  33. Women on Waves, Netherlands
  34. Worldwide Indigenous Science Network (WISN), USA


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