Our aim at TICAH is to create health and encourage healing by building on the deep connections between our well-being and our culture. All of our work links the power of art to community and to action. All of our work seeks to bring local wisdom, ancient and new, to our quest for healing and justice.

There is no health without beauty, without spaces in which we can explore and express, organize, create, and celebrate. TICAH’s work is practical in its aims and radical in its process. We insist on the power of expression and on the importance of fairness. We know that this creates health.

Our Art with Heart program includes body mapping with vulnerable groups, community murals, children’s art, traditional music, and a range of programs at the TICAH Peace Path and National Museum installations. All of this work connects the power of beauty, of expression, and of story-telling, with health and healing.


Dream Kona

DreamKona (Dream Corner) is a new vision for public art in Nairobi.

Body Mapping

Life-size portraits tracing the details of our lives

Public Art

Exploring local social issues with art


Children art

Children’s Art

Helping vulnerable children express themselves


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