Helping Vulnerable Children Heal and Express Themselves

TICAH works with groups of vulnerable children, from slum communities, through art in order to help them heal from illness or trauma and find healthy ways to communicate with their guardians and express how they feel.  Many of these children are HIV+ and are learning how to manage their conditions while also navigating the stigma associated with being positive. Through art exercises and time with art teachers, counselors, and other caring adults, these children find their voices and begin to find healing and health.

Occasionally, we organize to take the children to art camps that TICAH organizes or art and culture workshops or events being held at DreamKona (the public art space that TICAH manages).  Allowing children to just be children, to run, to play, to create, to share stories, to sing and dance, if critical to their development and to creating the wellness and resilience that will serve them as they grow into adults.


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