Exploring local social issues with art

TICAH works with established and emerging Kenyan artists to create beautiful and often provocative murals in Nairobi slum communities and schools where the artists and our participants live.  The themes of the pieces are organized collectively, and many follow the themes of the TICAH Community Calendar, which focuses on giving attention and thought to positive values (courage, forgiveness, honesty, etc).   We have painted murals in Kawangware, Kibera, Viwandani, Korogocho, and Majengo. Additionally, TICAH has been invited to support the creation of murals in coastal communities of Kenya.

In our public art space, DreamKona, TICAH organizes artists from across the city to gather to create massive murals once every three months.  These 30-foot long murals speak of stories of environmental protection, recycling, traditional games, beauty, love, truth, social justice, and culture.



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