DreamKona (Dream Corner) is a new vision for public art in Nairobi.  Nestled between the trees of Uhuru Gardens, DreamKona is a place for music and art, creativity and dreaming.  Visioned by artists and created in partnership between TICAH and the National Museums of Kenya, DreamKona is a half-acre space with a thirty-foot long wall for murals and installations; a stage for musicians, storytellers, dancers and actors; a sculpture garden and an herbal garden.

TICAH organizes quarterly events to create new work on the creativity wall – whether it’s an installation or a mural or a combination of the two.  DreamKona also hosts creative events to fuse contemporary and traditional art forms and music, partner cultural events, children’s art, and more. DreamKona is also home to the Rika (Peer) Residency program – a residency program for artists hosted by Kenyan artists.

The first sculpture to be moved into the space was Elkana Ong’esa’s family “Elephant Family.”  A 12.5 tonne masterpiece of solid granite, depicting a family of elephants in abstract, this sculpture, which was started in 2012, was once at the centre of national news as it was originally supposed to end up in Washington DC as a gift from the Kenyan people to the US.  When the money to transport and finish the piece disappeared, the sculpture was left homeless for several years before it found its home within DreamKona in 2018. Two more sculptures by Kenyan artists have joined the elephants since then and more are to come.

Come enjoy the space and find DreamKona on Facebook at DreamKona or on Instagram @DreamKona.KE

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