Supporting children and their well-being

TICAH’s book, “Using Our Traditions: A Herbal and Nutritional Guide for Kenyan Families” was written to help families take better care of their children’s health—to identify illness, to treat it or seek treatment, and to prevent it occurring again if possible.  We began with a focus on HIV-positive children and then widened to include all children and the adults caring for them.

Our Healthy Household trainings and community support groups always focus primary attention on children.  They go beyond physical health to include emotional and social well being and safety.

Our Children’s Art programs for children create safe places for children to share their feelings, voice their fears and share their histories, while also getting support from adults who live close to them.   They paint, sing, dance and write stories and poems.  They have fun.  Our programs work directly with vulnerable and HIV-positive children as well as their care-providers, teachers, and parents.


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