Support for inspiring local leadership

The TICAH community support groups named themselves “miale ya jamii,” which means “community sparks” in Kiswahili.  They chose this name to show that they want to light a fire of collective effort to make their neighborhoods healthier, safer, happier places to live—for themselves and for their children.

Because all of our community work at TICAH begins with listening, and because we work in the same communities for years, we have found an inspiring and diverse group of talented leaders there.

Women meeting to discuss the child abuse in their area have formed into groups that support abused children and raped woman and boys to seek services and justice.  They organize education campaigns and community events to draw attention to the issues they care about.  They identify allies and work with them.

Although these leaders are rarely officially recognized or salaried as leaders, they constitute a new kind of leader – people working together for the common good close to home, where they live and love.


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