Improve diets and health simply and at low cost

We realize that food matters and our health depends on eating well.  All of TICAH’s health programs pay attention to food – where we buy it, how we grow or gather it, how we store and prepare it, when we eat and how.

Our “Listening To Those Who Live It” programs with HIV support groups places priority on nutrition and hygiene.  We do this by first learning what people are eating, what they feed their children and others in their households, and then seeing if other support group members are eating more healthily than others.  If there are, we ask them to teach us.

We share recipes. We have found that it is possible to improve the diets of most people, even those living in very limited financial circumstances, by substituting some foods for others or changing the ways we prepare our food.  We encourage the eating of traditional vegetables and non-meat proteins.  We ask those in the groups making better food choices to teach the rest of us.

TICAH has compiled low-cost recipes for nutritious foods that we hope to develop into a cookbook.  We teach these recipes, often by cooking together.


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