Natural medicine and holistic health

From our 2006 publication, “Using our Traditions” until today, TICAH has learned most of the herbal remedies we teach from people in the communities where we work.  We have also participated in trainings that have increased our own knowledge about how to make teas, ointments, poultices, inhalers, black stones, and other home-use natural remedies.

Before we share something we hear in communities or study in trainings, we always consult herbalists, environmentalists, medical professionals and others to be sure of the remedies and their uses, and the protection of the plants in them.  We then compile lists of safe and effective natural remedies for common illnesses, as well as strategies for managing chronic conditions.

Over the years of teaching and learning, we have added to the original 108 medicinal plants in TICAH’s “Using Our Traditions: A Herbal and Nutritional Guide for Kenyan Families.”  We have also gained skill is teaching communities how to make neem ointment, chilli ointment, black stones, herbal inhalers, and other useful remedies that treat conditions common in the places where we work.

TICAH has a far-reaching local and global network of individuals and organizations promoting natural medicine and holistic health care and patient choice.


  1. thanks for good work. keep going on

    1. Thank you Charles.

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