For a positive change in how you think and feel

As part of our peer group process in communities and with women’s groups and youth groups, TICAH often starts meetings with an offered prayer and a ritual or a meditation.

Over the years, we have written easy-to-follow meditations for children and adults.  Some of these meditations focus on relaxation and body awareness, on the breath or on being present.  Others focus on forgiving ourselves or forgiving others, on healing from trauma, coping with pain and loss, or accepting ourselves.

We have found that almost anyone can meditate and almost everyone notices an immediate positive change in the way they feel and think.   Some support group members have become dedicated meditators.  Others have taught their children or family members to meditate.

TICAH hopes to print a selection of our meditations in Kiswahili and English during the coming year.  We are happy to share them with anyone who wants to use them, and to provide lay training for those who wish to lead meditation groups in their communities or at home.


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