Useful Equipment for Your Kitchen

There are certain pieces of kitchen equipment that are worth investing in so you can prepare the healthy foods and treatments we describe in this chapter. They include:


Electric Blender/Juicer

If you have electricity, an electric blender is one of the most useful and worthwhile investments you can make for your kitchen. You can use it to make fruit and vegetable juices; to liquidise foods and make soups; to grind seeds and nuts into easy to digest powders; to grind soybeans to make fresh soy milk.



With a grater you can shred food to easily digestible and chewable sizes. If you don’t have an electric blender you can also use the grater to help you make juices.


Garlic Press

This is useful for squeezing garlic cloves to remove the juice from them.


Stainless Steel Cooking Pot

Don’t use aluminium pots for boiling water or preparing medicines as the aluminium interacts with the food and herbs in a dangerous way. Therefore try to have at least 1 stainless steel pot to use for these purposes in your kitchen.



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