The ash of different plants is used for many different medical applications.


Follow these instructions for preparing each kind of ash:


  • Banana Ash – Dry banana skin then put it in a clean, dry saucepan and place this over the heat. Leave it in the saucepan until it burns to ash.

  • Maize Cob Ash – Place the maize cob in the fire and allow it to catch alight. Take it out while still aflame and leave it to burn on a clean metal surface (or in a saucepan). Once it has burned, crush it to ash.

  • Bean Ash – Use the dried remains of any part of the bean plant (the pods or husks are particularly good for this). Put the dried remains in a clean,   dry saucepan and place it over the heat until the contents burn to ash. As these burn, add more of the dried bean plant until these too burn to ash.



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