Daily Activities That Will Help You Stay Healthy

If you want to practice self-care at home and look after yourself and your family using the resources available in your neighbourhood, you should make sure you have useful plants and herbs easily available.
Try to stay healthy by following the suggestions in the list below. Also try to stock up your kitchen and garden with some of the plants and foods we mention. If you follow these suggestions, you will do the basic things which can help keep you healthy and also have the most common herbs and foods used in treating illnesses readily available when you need them.
Daily Activities that will help you stay healthy:
1. Drink 8 glasses of clean (filtered or boiled) water every day.
2. Eat fresh, organic food from the shamba. (Organic means food that is grown without using chemicals like pesticides and fertilisers).
3. Eat fresh fruit every day.
4. Drink a porridge supplement every day.
5. Do some physical exercise (jog, dance or walk) every day.
6. Get enough rest and sleep every day, especially if your body is tired.
7. Keep clean (bathe regularly; brush your teeth twice a day; sleep in clean bedsheets; keep your house and compound clean). It is particularly important to wash your hands throughout the day, particularly after using the toilet and before handling food or eating.
8. Make time for some spiritual practice (pray, meditate or read spiritual verses).
9. Spend time in the company of others to share your feelings (chat with your friends or join a support group).
10. Feel good about yourself.



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