Healthy and affordable recipes for every meal

In this section we have collected recipes that will help you eat good, nutritious foods at affordable prices so you and your family can stay healthy and keep illness away.


Amaranth Soup

Amina’s Cocktail

Amina’s Nutritious Porridge

Avocado Sandwich

Banana Chapattis

Boiled Banana & Groundnut Soup

Brown Ugali

Dried Fish and Pumpkin

Dried Fish Obambo

Fred’s Porridge Recipe

Groundnut, Millet & Moringa Porridge

Indian Moringa Peas


Kikuyu/Meru Njahi and Stew


Kunde and Spinach

Leah’s Power Porridge

Mango Sauce



Maziwa Mala Salad

Mbirimbi Sauce

Moringa Fataya

Moringa Leaf Omelette

Moringa Peas (Seeds)

Obubera Uji for Children

Omena Dagga

Pasta with Potato Stew and Minced Goat Meat

Pumpkin & Watermelon Seed Mix

Rawi’s Porridge

Rawi’s Tomato and Coriander Eggs

Root Salad

Scrambled Egg with Spinach

Tamarind & Ginger Sauce

Ugali and Sukumawiki with Coconut



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