Sodom apple / Mtunguja

Part used

Root Fruit


  • English : Sodom apple
  • Giriama : Mtonda
  • Kamba : Mukondu
  • Kikuyu : Mutongu
  • Kipsigis : Lobotwet
  • Kiswahili : Mtunguja
  • Luhya : Indulandula
  • Luo : Ochok
  • Maasai : Endulelei

Important Information

The fruit is highly poisonous. Only use for external application. Do NOT swallow.
Do NOT use root preparations if you are pregnant.

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  1. […] was carrying two small fruits pulled from a plant in the garden. Later I learned they were from the sodom apple plant. He pierced one with a pen; clear liquid came out. He turned to me and handed me the fruit.   […]

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