About the Illness

Convulsions are involuntary spasms of muscles that sometimes occur in children.
The most common causes include high fever, dehydration, epilepsy or meningitis.
Fever convulsions occur when a child has had a rapid rise in temperature (often before you notice that your child has a fever). Once a high fever has developed, the risk of convulsion is probably past.

Common Symptoms

Children start behaving strangely, or seem a little bit mad; their eyes become blank and distant; they can become violent, including towards other children.

Important Information

You should seek professional help if:

  • A child has fits that come suddenly without fever or other signs.

This may be a sign of epilepsy.

  • A child has fits or spasms in which the jaw and then the whole body become stiff.

This may be tetanus.

Herbal Therapy

The most important step in treating a child who is having convulsions is to reduce the fever.
For immediate relief, use one of the following treatments:

Oxygonum sinuatum Extract good for kids

Pound leaves and mix them with water.
Put some aside for drinking and bathe the child in the solution.
This should bring the fever down.
Then give 1 tsp.
Also good for headaches.

Senna didymobotrya Extract good for kids

Crush and soak a handful of leaves in 3 ltr water for 3 hours.
Bathe the child in the solution.

Ajuga remota Infusion good for kids

Ajuga remota

Crush and soak 3 leaves in 1 glass warm water.
Take as follows: 2-6 yrs: 1 tbsp; up to 2 yrs: 1 tsp.

Body Work and General Advice

The first thing to do if a child has convulsions is clear the surrounding area so that she will not hurt herself by striking into any hard objects.
Monitor your child’s temperature and try to keep it normal. Children’s temperatures usually rise very rapidly before they have convulsions.


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