About the Illness

Syphilis is a common and highly dangerous disease spread through sexual contact.
It can take anything from 6 months to several years for a person to realise he or she is infected, by which time it may have spread through the whole body and caused a lot of serious damage. It is therefore important to watch out for signs and symptoms so it can be treated as early as possible.

Common Symptoms

First sign is a painless sore in the genital area that usually appears 2-5 weeks after infection.
If it is inside the vagina, a woman may not even know she has it. These sores usually go away without treatment; weeks or months after infection the person may experience sore throat, mild fever, mouth sores or swollen joints. These sores usually go away without treatment too. During the second stage of infection (months or years later) the person will experience the symptoms of the first stage, but they will be painful this time. They will also experience dryness of skin, aching bones, memory loss, night sweats, thinning hair, rashes on whole body, back pain and bad temper.

Children’s Issues

If a pregnant woman has syphilis she can infect her baby and cause birth defects.
Pregnant women should ask to be tested for syphilis.

Important Information

It is most important to see a doctor and obtain treatment as soon as possible.
If you cannot afford treatment, try one of the remedies listed below.
Without adequate treatment, syphilis can invade any part of the body, causing heart disease, paralysis, insanity and many other problems.

Herbal Therapy

Moringa oleifera Root, Harrisonia abyssinica Root & Kigelia africana Bark Tea good for adults only

Put 4 pieces of each ingredient in 3 ltr water and boil in a partially covered pan for 35-40 minutes.
Allow to cool.
Drink 1 glass 3x daily before meals for 2 weeks.

Euclea divinorum Roots, Rhamnus staddo Roots & Rhamnus prinoides Root Tea good for adults only

Put 1 piece of Euclea divinorum root and 2 pieces each of remaining ingredients in 3 ltr water and bring to the boil in covered pan.
Allow to cool.
Drink 1 glass 3x daily for 2 weeks.
Don’t worry if this causes mild diarrhoea.

Body Work and General Advice

  • If you develop a skin rash days or weeks after a pimple/sore appears on genitals, it is highly possible you have syphilis.
  • If you suspect you have syphilis abstain from sex until you are treated.
  • Once you have completed treatment, you should go to a Health Centre for testing to be sure the infection has cleared.


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