About the Illness

A boil is an infection that forms a sac of pus under the skin. It is likely to develop when the root of a hair gets infected, a puncture wound becomes infected or an injection is given with a dirty needle. Boils also tend to occur in hot, sweaty, fat places on the body such as the armpits, groin, buttocks and neck. HIV+ women also get them in their genital area (labia) and on thighs. They are very painful and the skin around the swelling becomes red hot. The infection can cause swollen lymph nodes and fever.


Common Symptoms

Swelling like a pimple with a sharp head; surrounding area becomes hard, itchy and then painful (throbbing); headaches; fever; swollen lymph nodes.


Children’s Issues

Treat boils as quickly as possible since children are very self-conscious of such visible sores.
This is particularly important for HIV+ children who are well aware of the stigma that can be caused by outward signs of infection.


Important Information

If a boil does not open after 2-3 days of using compresses, you may want to seek professional help to lance it and allow the pus to drain.
This procedure is best not tried at home on your own.

Herbal Therapy

Firstly, you need to fight the bacterial infection in the bloodstream by taking one of the following remedies:

Withania somnifera Tea & Inhalation good for all

Place 2-3 handfuls of leaves in 3 ltr water.
Boil in a covered pan for 30 minutes.
Perform a steam inhalation to help draw out the boils.
Take 1/2 glass 2x daily for 1 week.
(6-10 yrs: 1/4 glass 2x daily; 2-6 yrs: 3 tbsp 2x daily; up to 2 yrs: 1 tbsp 2x daily.) Do not take on an empty stomach and do not apply anything else.

Aloe vera, Ricinus communis & Carica papaya Blood Cleansing Tonic good for adults only

Take 2 finger size pieces of Ricinus communis root and 2 roots from a male Carica papaya tree.
Place them in a covered pan in 2 ltr water and boil for 30-40 minutes.
Sieve the mixture, allow it to cool for 1 hour and then add 1/4 glass of Aloe vera juice and honey.
Take 1 glass 2x daily for 30 days.


Secondly, you must encourage the boil to ripen and burst so the pus can drain from it; do this by using one of the following compresses:

Pawpaw Take good for all

a piece of ripe pawpaw, place it over the boil and cover with a clean damp cloth or plaster.
Change the dressing 2x daily until the boil ripens and pus starts to drain.


Oxygonum sinuatum good for all

Wrap a few leaves inside a larger leaf (eg banana) and hold over the fire until the Oxygonum sinuatum leaf texture becomes slimy.
Apply the slimy leaves to the boil then cover with a damp spiders’ nest or a clean, damp cloth.
This should draw out the pus very quickly.

Wild Asparagus good for all

Crush the leaves and apply to the boil overnight to draw out the pus.

Food and Nutrition Advice

To help prevent boils:

  • Maintain high levels of immunity through good nutrition and immune boosting tonics, particularly if you feel the onset of symptoms of boils.
  • Eat a whole lemon (including skin and seeds) once a week.

If you have a boil:

  • Drink lots of water.

  • Eat food with high magnesium content.

  • Eat food with high iron content.

  • Eat food with high zinc content.

Body Work and General Advice

To prevent boils:

  • Maintain good hygiene and wash regularly.

  • In hot climates thoroughly wash and dry areas of the body that are likely to be hot and sweaty.

It is very important that you never press or squeeze a boil to try and remove the pus. Doing so can cause the infection to spread to other parts of the body and more boils to develop elsewhere.


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