About the Illness

Indigestion is a common ailment affecting people of all ages.
Your risk of experiencing it will increase if you drink too much alcohol, use drugs that irritate the stomach (e.g. aspirin), have problems in the digestive tract (e.g. ulcer) or if you experience emotional difficulties such as anxiety or depression.

Common Symptoms

Burning in the stomach or upper abdomen; abdominal pain; bloating (feeling full); belching and gas; nausea and vomiting; acidic taste; growling stomach.


Children’s Issues

If the symptoms continue after 3 days of treatment, seek professional help.

Herbal Therapy

If you suffer from acid and gas, try one of these remedies:

Stinging Nettle Tea good for all

Boil a handful of leaves in 1 ltr water.
Drink 1 glass after meals.

Ash Filtrate good for all

Drink Drink 1/4 glass after meals.

Coconut good for all

Eat coconut flesh or drink some coconut milk to help the digestion.

Aloe vera good for all

Take 4 tbsp 1/2 hour before meals to help stimulate the digestive juices.

If you are suffering from stomach pain, then try one of these remedies:

Ajuga remota Infusion good for all

Crush 2 leaves and soak them in 1 glass warm water for 10-15 minutes.
Drink 1/4 glass 2x daily.
(All kids: 1 tsp 2x daily).
This should work immediately.

Mexican Sunflower Infusion good for all

Crush 1-2 leaves and soak them in 1 glass warm water for 10-15 minutes.
Drink 1/2 glass 2x daily.
(6-10 yrs: 1/4 glass 2x daily; up to 6 yrs: 1 tbsp 2x daily).
This should work immediately.

Mnavu good for all

Tea Boil a handful of leaves in 1 ltr water for 5 minutes.
Drink 1 glass.
(This tea is too bitter for children, so mix it with foods like soup or porridge before giving to them.)

Food and Nutrition Advice

Foods & spices that help digestion:

  • Chillies (in food)


  • Lemon (in food and drinks)


  • Cardamom (in food and drinks)


  • Cinnamon (in food and drinks)


  • Cloves (in food and drinks)


  • Ginger (in food and drinks)


  • Papaya or pineapple after meals


  • Raw carrots


  • Millet/sorghum porridge


  • Coconut – flesh and milk


Foods to avoid:

  • Tomatoes


  • Oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits


  • Acidic vegetables(sukuma wiki and mchicha)


  • Caffeine drinks like tea, coffee and coke


  • Alcohol


  • All sweetened sodas.

Body Work and General Advice

  • Eat small but regular meals.


  • Only eat when you are hungry.


  • If you are hungry, at least eat a piece of fruit or drink a littlewater, to prevent your stomach from producing too much harmful acid.


  • Eat slowly, chew thoroughly and mix a lot of saliva with each mouthful.


  • Drink liquids after, rather than during or before meals.


  • Wait at least 3 hours after your evening meal before going to bed.


  • Do not exercise with a full stomach.



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