About the Illness

There are many types of worms and other parasites that live in people’s intestines and cause disease and illness. Worms eat the food and goodness that is in you and so divert it away from your body. This is particularly dangerous for children as well as HIV+ adults who need all the food and nutrition they can get in order to keep their bodies strong enough to live with the virus. It is therefore important to look out for signs of worms and treat yourself and your family for them on a regular basis.


Common Symptoms

Roundworm: Stomach discomfort; indigestion and weakness; children often have large, swollen bellies; worms may cause asthma; sometimes worms crawl out in the stools or through the mouth and nose of children with fever.


Pinworm: Itchy anus.


Hookworm: Anaemia; paleness; eating dirt; weakness.


Tapeworm: Sometimes cause mild stomach aches; danger from the cysts (small sacs containing baby worms) getting into a person’s brain which make it important to treat tapeworm immediately.


Children’s Issues

A child with 3 or more of the following general symptoms probably has worms:
Hunger without gaining weight; bloated, hard abdomen; twisting pain in abdomen; itching around anus (especially at night); bedwetting; nightmares; itching/picking nose; dry, short cough; irritability or nothing satisfying the child.


Herbal Therapy

De-worm your family on a regular basis. This means that all children and all people living with HIV should be treated every 3 months. Healthy adults should be treated every 6 months. Try one of these remedies and make sure you take them on an empty stomach, at least one hour before eating.


Albizia anthelmintica Seeds good for all

Dry the seeds, crush them to a powder, then dissolve 1 tsp in 1 glass water.


Drink 1 glass 1x daily for 3 days.
(6-10 yrs: 3 tbsp 1x daily; 2-6 yrs: 3 tbsp 1x daily; up to 2 yrs: 3 tbsp 1x daily).

Avocado Stone Solution good for all

Dissolve 1 level tsp dried avocado stone powder in 1/4 glass hot water.


Adults drink 1 dose of 1/4 glass (all children take 1 dose of 2 tbsp.)

Pumpkin Seeds good for all

Dry the seeds and crush to a powder.
Take 1 tsp.
(2-10 yrs: 1/2 tsp; up to 2 yrs: 1/4 tsp).
This is particularly good for treating tapeworm.

Ash Filtrate good for all

Drink before meals.
Drink 1/2 glass 2x daily for 3 days.
(All children take the following doses 2x daily: 6-10 yrs: 4 tbsp; 2-6 yrs: 4 tbsp; up to 2 yrs: 4 tbsp).

Body Work and General Advice

    • De-worm regularly – every 3 months (especially children).


    • Cook food properly (especially pork).


  • Observe proper hygiene which means you should:

Use latrines; wash hands before eating and handling food; protect foodfrom flies; keep lids on dustbins; Wash hands after going to thetoilet; keep compost away from the house.
If you think your child has pinworm, then:

    • Send her to bed in tight nappies or pants to stop her scratching her anus.


    • Put Vaseline in and around the anus at bed time to reduce itching.


    • Wash her hands and buttocks on awakening and after passing stool. Always wash her hands before she eats.


  • Cut her fingernails very short.


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