About the Illness

Typhoid is an infection of the gut affecting the whole body. It is spread from stool to mouth and through contaminated food and water. It often comes in epidemics (many people sick at once). If you have been taking strong anti-bacterial, antibiotic, sulphur based drugs, the toxins may cause a reaction similar to the symptoms of typhoid. Go for a test to confirm diagnosis.

Common Symptoms

Week 1:


Flu like symptoms; headache, sore throat and often a dry cough; fever goes up and down, but rises a little more each day until temperature reaches 40º or more; pulse is relatively slow considering the level of fever present. Take pulse and temperature every half hour. Slower pulse with increasing fever may be a sign of typhoid; sometimes fever is accompanied by vomiting, diarrhoea or constipation.


Week 2:


High fever, relatively slow pulse; a few pink spots may appear on the body; trembling; delirium; weakness, weight loss, dehydration.


Important Information

Manage Typhoid by
1. Treating the diarrhoea.
2. Taking plenty of liquids and treating to prevent dehydration caused by diarrhoea.
3. Managing the fever.
4. Staying in bed until the fever is gone.
5. Taking treatment for typhoid.

Herbal Therapy

You can treat the typhoid itself with one of these remedies:

Plectranthus barbatus Leaves and Ficus sycomorus Bark Tea good for all

Boil 3 pieces bark in 3 ltr water for 45 minutes (until it is reduced to 2 ltr).
Then take a handful of crushed leaves and soak them in the mixture for 10-15 minutes.
Take 1/4 glass 2x daily for 4-7 days.
(All children 1 tsp 2x daily) If no sign of improvement after 4 days, seek professional help.

Guava, Tamarind & Vernonia amygdalina Leaf Tea good for all

Take a handful of each type of leaf and boil them in 3 ltr water for 30 minutes.
Drink 1/2 glass   3x daily for 2 weeks.


(6-10 yrs 1/4 glass 3x daily; 2-6 yrs: 3 tbsp 3x daily; up to 2 yrs: 2 tbsp 3x daily.)

Food and Nutrition Advice

Once the patient starts to recover, try the following in their diet in order to speed up recovery:



  • Neem Leaf Powder Mix 1 tsp into porridge. Take 3x daily.


  • Sugar Cane Juice Drink 1 glass 3x daily.


Body Work and General Advice


  • Avoid contaminated water and food and practice good hygiene.


  • Typhoid often appears after a flood or other disaster so special care must be taken with cleanliness at these times. Ensure drinking water is clean by boiling it.


  • If you have typhoid, stay in a separate room from the rest of the household. Do not eat or drink from the same dishes and glasses as others in the house.



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