Our Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights program ‘Our Bodies, Our Choices’ is a sexuality program which started with a group of HIV positive women meeting together to talk about health and needs as women and the gaps that existed in the health care system. Every time we sat together to discuss these issues, the discussion kept coming back to our intimate lives. We realized just how much women and men can learn about their sexual and reproductive health from frank conversations that can happen in spaces where they felt safe and where confidentiality was upheld.We also realized that positive sexuality was not only important to HIV positive women but to other people as well. We have since hosted HIV negative men and women, LGBTI, youths, women with disabilities, and sex workers support groups.

These spaces expanded our work to include work on Sexual and Gender Based Violence, Comprehensive Sexuality Education, Contraceptives, Safe Birth, MNCH, Safe Abortion and Advocacy.We have produced compelling IEC materials that aim to break the barriers that exist in Kenya for talking about orientation, desire, health, status, and relationships. They open space for frank discussions that are otherwise regarded as taboo. We have produced a sexuality facilitators guide ‘We are talking about sex’, a set of posters “Sex Can Be Safe and Sweet” and “We are For Abstinence if it Means” and two sets of Scenario Cards (a set of real life sexual situations that give us a chance to talk about good decisions). TICAH has used theatre (“I’m Sexy, Too,” a series of stories about positive women’s sexual lives). We worked with KACTUS, a dance group in Korogocho, to produce the ‘Mwili Wangu, Chaguo Langu’ theme song.


Adult Sexuality

Our sexual lives are part of our health.

Aunty Jane Hotline

A traditional African aunty who can be asked anything.

MAMA Network

Mama Network aims to improve women’s health and empowerment and reduce maternal mortality and morbidity in sub saharan Africa.


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