Helping the Youth make sound decisions on sexuality

Sex and sexuality is remembered as a taboo topic in the lives of many adolescents in our community today. As they grow into young adults, it becomes even more difficult for parents especially to discuss this subject with them. They therefore leave it to teachers and the world to teach their children this fundamental life lesson. The changes that follow when puberty hits becomes overwhelming for these young people in the journey of self-awareness and discovery. So when they join the higher learning institutions and find themselves thrown into this abyss of total freedom, for some of these young people, things can get really ugly. HIV AIDS, STIs, pregnancy and abortion suddenly become a reality. They are faced with challenges and consequences concerning bad choices made in the heat of the moment, ignorance or sheer negligence. It becomes very tricky especially for sexually active young women who are keen to safeguard their fertility by preventing unplanned pregnancy through family planning methods to think about dual protection against sexually transmitted diseases at the same time.

MyBodyMyChoice Campus Edition was started out of the realization that “silence is never good teaching”. We therefore create safe spaces within the higher learning institutions to share, learn and come up with workable solutions for problems that face young women in campus. We engage female students on their views and perspectives about their sexual and reproductive health; sexual gender based violence, healthy relationships and power in relationships, myth busts, negotiation for safer sex, consent, value of abstinence and good communication. We also try to create linkages with service providers, and also provide important contacts that can be useful to students concerning their health and security, such as the Dean’s office, Students Welfare Authority, Security office, Placement officer, Student’s Special Advisor, Nairobi Women’s Gender Violence Recovery Centre, Police Control room number just to mention a few.

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