This program encourages more honest, healthy and informed approaches to sexual life for all ages where rights and choices are respected. Through community-based peer-learning we develop facilitators’ guides and curriculums to help host conversations, learn together and build advocacy towards positive change for all. We have open space for frank discussions that are otherwise regarded as taboo. We have produced a sexuality facilitators guide ‘We are talking about sex’, a set of posters “Sex Can Be Safe and Sweet” and “We are For Abstinence if it Means” and two sets of Scenario Cards (a set of real life sexual situations that give us a chance to talk about good decisions). TICAH has used theatre (“I’m Sexy, Too,” a series of stories about positive women’s sexual lives). We worked with KACTUS, a dance group in Korogocho, to produce the ‘Mwili Wangu, Chaguo Langu’ theme song.)

Adolescent and youth sexuality
This is a comprehensive sexuality education program aimed at breaking the taboo of talking about sex. We create spaces for open and courageous conversations around sexual and reproductive health and rights for in and out of school adolescents to encourage safe, healthy and informed sexual choices.

No glove, No love
This is a yearly campaign that aims at putting sexy back into safe sex conversations in Kenyan universities through the distribution of condoms and encouraging safe sex practices.

University programs
Freshmen conversations and reproductive health weeks are held to equip university students with safe sex knowledge.

Community trainings
The trainings are aimed at improving women’s health and empowerment and reduce maternal mortality and morbidity due to unsafe abortion and Post-Partum Haemorrhage (PPH) through community trainings at the community level in Kenya. 

Raising our voices to influence laws, policies and services to respond to our needs. 

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