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Gideon Chirchir

Program Coordinator

What do you do at TICAH?

I help in coordinating and implementing program activities, social media communications, reporting and fundraising.

What do you hope your work will do for the community you work with?

My hope is to see that communities realize that solutions to the problems they face lie within their reach and that their culture are not inferior. I would pride myself in being part of the journey that enable communities bring out the value in their cultures and knowledge systems in devising solutions to contemporary issues like climate change and biodiversity conservation.

What do you love about TICAH?

The fact that TICAH listens to what the community tells them is amazing. It allows them to take lead in coming up with interventions that are responsive to issues that matter to them.
Share a little bit about your professional background

I’ve worked with TICAH since 2015. I joined as volunteer after graduating from Kenyatta university. I also volunteered at different activities within the organization and later became an intern. Since then, I can’t help but marvel at the potential enshrined within our culture’s diverse cultures across Kenya.

How do you spend your free time?

During his free time, when not listening to some soothing Rhumba and Country music, he loves taking leisure walks