Supporting relationships between generations

We believe the positive link between culture and health is only strong if our connection to our traditions is solid and alive. We wish to be of service to those who hold the stories and the science passed down from generation to generation. This knowledge has much to offer us today. We want to listen, to honor, to vision, to remember.

We know that healers and elders have knowledge and connection that could benefit all of us seeking to find health based grounded in the strength of knowing who we are.

The first event that TICAH hosted was a gathering in Nairobi of over 100 traditional healers to talk about the impact of HIV/AIDS on their communities, and to share ways to understand and treat AIDS-related conditions.  From this unprecedented event in 2003, co-hosted with Promotion of Medicine Traditions of Africa (Prometra) Uganda and Africa Health and Development International (AHADI) in Kenya, TICAH has continued to convene gatherings, to consult with healers and elders, to document their knowledge, to help bring their wisdom to children and youth, to honor them, support them.

We have hosted rituals and blessings for peace and healing, seeking always to recognize that we all walk to the future in the footsteps of our ancestors.  We work hard to create spaces where indigenous wisdom is recognized and heard.  One of these spaces is the Peace Path that TICAH built at the National Museum of Kenya in Nairobi in 2013.  There, we host regular ceremonies that bring elders from different Kenyan communities together to share their blessings and talk about healing and peace-building.


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