Happy 15th Birthday TICAH!

The month of August kicked off with the organization celebrating its birthday. Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health is 15 years old as of August 1st 2018. TICAH staff gathered to celebrate with chants, open hearts and a positive attitude in regards to TICAH’s journey to inspire communities in Kenya and beyond. Since 2003 TICAH has been invested in listening attentively to communities and helping communities heal as they evolve in leadership positions to find solutions to local issues.


It’s in our culture to mark small or big moments, to ensure that the connection between health and culture is present in the work that we do and in the ways that we express ourselves. Jeremiah, TICAH’s Office Manager and George, TICAH’s Program Coordinator took it upon themselves to lead the team in songs and dance as we gathered to reminisce on how far we have come and how bright the journey ahead looks. As TICAH turns 15, the focus remains that health and culture continue to be recognized.