Art for Connection and Healing

Working with artists to ensure that the sector thrives and that art is valued for its ability to elevate marginalized voices and ideas, support healing from trauma and advocate for change.


Artists, who hold a mirror up to societies and lead cultural shifts within communities, are losing spaces to teach, share their work, and interact with the public.  
The reduction of the arts is also connected to overall reduced freedoms and a reduction of spaces for alternative and marginalised voices to be heard and included.

Interaction with art has been shown to increase positive civic engagement, tolerance, healing from traumatic experiences and emotional resilience.  With art spaces shrinking, Kenya is losing a critical tool to combating radicalism, poverty, discrimination, mental health challenges, and apathy.


TICAH supports artists to connect with one another and to build their community and its interactions with the public.  We also integrate art into interventions with communities to help bridge communication gaps, express emotion and find healing from trauma.  We use art as a tool to overcome challenges, both individual and societal.  

Freedom of expression and the right to freely express opinions on important issues in society play a vital role in the healthy development process of any society.  It allows marginalized voices to be heard and to find ways to participate in creating healthy societies for all its members.  Freedom of expression supports equality, the end to discrimination, the end to oppression, and the end to poverty. Freedom of expression and access to free expression is vital both to support the development process and as a development goal in its own right.

Program Initiatives


A public art space located in Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi. A place for creativity and connection.  It also represents a growing network of Kenyan artists working to share their creativity and to make Nairobi a hub for public art.

Rika Residency

Artist-led residency program where artists of different generations and practices create together and discuss topics important to the health of the arts community in Kenya.

Rika Artists Database

Public Art and Murals

Creating beautiful murals and installations around Nairobi to share positive values, spark conversations and connect communities.

Body Mapping

Art therapy technique used to help survivors of trauma to find healing and voice


Working with other cultural and creative groups towards the implementation of policies that protect the arts and cultures of Kenya

Our Impact


Public Art Space. DreamKona is the only dedicated public art space in a public park in Nairobi


Kenyan artists are part of the DreamKona network to strengthen and evolve the Kenyan arts community


Murals created in Nairobi informal settlements to bring beauty and voice to the communities


Artists involved in 6 Rika Residencies reaching of different age sets, genders, arts practises, studios/collectives to build relationships and develop mentorships

Body Mapping has helped sex workers, women living with HIV,  LGBTIQ and survivors of torture and sexual violence process their trauma through art and story.
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Program Highlights

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With your support, TICAH will continue to support the free expression of Kenyan artists and to use art as a tool for healing from trauma

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