Our Museum Installations

Installations within the National Museums of Kenya System!

The Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health (TICAH) and the National Museums of Kenya (NMK) have a long, positive relationship spanning over ten years.  With the support of NMK, TICAH created, maintains and continues to program the following installations, gardens and gathering spaces.

We hope you will visit each space and share it with others.  For more information please contact us at listening@ticahealth.org, +254 (0) 710 272 175 or find us on Facebook at TICAH. Thank you.

At the National Museum of Kenya in Nairobi
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Medicine Shield Garden

Opened in 2008, the Medicine Shield Garden is a demonstration plant-medicine garden.  Designed as a teaching garden for visitors and for TICAH partner groups, the Medicine Shield Garden has become an integral part of the museum that is popular with school groups and teachers, botanists and community groups. #medicineshieldgarden

Kaya ya Mto (River Shrine)

In 2009, TICAH found an area, behind the Snake Park, where three gum trees had been cut down.  We invited local sculptors to make statues, benches, tables, and other items to represent Kenyan cultures from these felled trees.  Their creations led to this small park that we call Kaya ya Mto (River Shrine). In 2014, Coastal elders consecrated the sculptures with blessings using castor oil.  Each time they have visited since then, they make blessings of peace at this site.  #kayayamto

Peace Path

The Peace Path is a seven-cycle labyrinth made of stones from many lands of Kenya. Opened in 2012, the Peace Path has become a sacred space for many Kenyan communities.  TICAH hosts peace and healing ceremonies with elders and youth at this site. Some visitors bring stones from their homes and place them on the site. The Peace Path is free and open to the public. Treat it with care and walk it in beauty. #peacepathnmk

River of Stones

Next to the Peace Path is a river of polished (and some carved) stones from all over Kenya.  These stones are the same as those that make up the Peace Path but that they have been polished for all to admire and understand the diversity and beauty of the Kenyan lands.  This installation was created in 2016. #riverofstonesnmk

At Uhuru Gardens on Langata Road, Nairobi
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Mahali pa Umoja (Unity Place)

Mahali pa Umoja (Unity Place) is a large, stone labyrinth that was created in 2016 in Uhuru Gardens.  It is a place for contemplative practices, for celebrating our differences and uniting over our similarities.  We gave it the name “Mahali pa Umoja” because we hope that this space will help connect us to one another and bring us together.  At the centre of the labyrinth you will find a beautiful mosaic honoring the lands and communities of Kenya. #mahalipaumoja

DreamKona (Dream Corner)

DreamKona is a new vision for public art.  Completed in 2017, DreamKona is a place for music and art, creativity and dreaming.  TICAH hosts art residencies and public art events within this space. DreamKona includes a creativity wall for murals and installations; a sculpture garden, a performance state and a small herbal garden.  Find us on Facebook at DreamKona or on Instagram @DreamKona.Ke #dreamkona