HIV Management, Nutrition and Herbs

“Healthy Households”

Working with households to prevent illness and stay healthy by teaching practical, affordable, and sustainable practices by focusing on food and herbal remedies.


In Kenya, the urban population is 35% with nearly half living in informal settlements. These settings are characterized by poor living conditions which include overcrowding, insecurity, unemployment, sexual violence and lack of basic services and needs such as sanitation, clean water, food, adequate shelter, education and healthcare.  

Undernutrition is rampant in these communities leading to stunted development in children, decreased immune systems, and an increased spread of infectious diseases. For HIV positive populations, challenges in health care increase their vulnerabilities. Many of those who are infected tend to suffer from opportunistic infections and are less likely to adhere to ART therapies.


TICAH has been working in informal settlements of Nairobi for over ten years where we found many people with the mentality that to eat healthy is expensive.  Information on healthy, low cost diets, meal planning, budgeting, common illness identification, and natural ways to prevent and treat illnesses with food and herbs have helped families to afford to eat well and to improve their overall health.  

We work with HIV affected women, men, young mothers and children where good nutrition is critical as an impaired immune system can contribute to malnutrition which can worsen the effects of HIV.  Additionally, many of the medications to manage HIV require a balanced, healthy diet in order to reduce the possibility of side effects and for proper absorption of the medication.  Our work on nutrition and herbs takes a holistic approach and considers all aspects of what we are putting into our bodies (including stress and medication).

Program Initiatives

Training on good nutrition and herbs to improve health and treat common illness

Nutrition and Herbs

Building consciousness and practical tools for the use of nutrition and herbs to improve and advocate for one’s health as well as identify, prevent and treat common illnesses

Positive Living

Sharing information on how to manage HIV with food in order to combat opportunistic infections, improve gut health, reduce side effects of ARVs, and living positively

School Calendar Discussions

Supporting primary and secondary students with the TICAH Calendar to discuss values, history, rights, art and culture

S.H.I.N.E. Program

Working with HIV infected and affected children in the slums of Nairobi in an effort to Support, Heal, Interact, Nurture and Equip (S.H.I.N.E.) them to cope with the challenges of living with HIV/AIDS and to build positive self and community health.


Encouragement and connections to support self-driven community action for social justice

Our Impact


Individuals, affected by HIV, using food and herbs for preventing and treating common illnesses leading to a 68% decrease in illnesses


Individuals trained by our community facilitators


Schools using the TICAH calendar for values and rights discussions and legal abortion and SGBV support


Children involved in therapeutic art sessions to develop agency and coping mechanisms to daily challenges
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Program Highlights

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With your support, TICAH will continue to provide low-income families with knowledge on nutrition, common illnesses, herbs for preventing and treating illnesses and living positively.

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