Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

“Our Bodies, Our Choices”

Helping young people and adults learn about their bodies, establish healthy relationships, access safe services and protect their rights.


There is limited access to accurate and reliable information on sexual and reproductive health available among Kenyan young people that can empower them to make informed choices and decisions. This is compounded by barriers to access reproductive health services.

Limited access to information, safe SRHR commodities and services contribute to unwanted pregnancies, teen pregnancies, unsafe abortion, sexual violence, early marriage, school dropouts and sometimes death as a result of unsafe reproductive health choices. The policy environment does not favor full access to safe and timely SRHR information and services.


TICAH knows that information is power.  We provide young people, women and girls with accurate information on SRHR and referrals to safe and reliable services. We work with like minded, reliable partners to advocate for the enactment and implementation of SRHR policies that ensure young people, women and girls access safe and reliable information and services to enable them make informed choices and decisions.

Program Initiatives


Adolescent and Youth SRHR

Sharing correct information and facilitating open and safe discussions about sexual and reproductive health with young people

3 ladies preparing for community trainings on women’s health and empowerment

Community SRHR

Facilitating open and safe discussions about sexual and reproductive health with community health volunteers and other community leaders to increase positive health outcomes and access to safe services

Aunty Jane Hotline

A toll-free sexual and reproductive health and rights counseling hotline accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in English and Swahili

MAMA Network team

MAMA Network

A pan-Africa movement of activists working to share evidence-based and stigma-free information about sexual and reproductive health and rights

Group of ladies talking about accurate sex education


Working towards policies to support access to healthy choices and comprehensive and accurate sex education

Our Impact


People have accessed accurate SRHR information


Adolescents reached with comprehensive sexuality education


Callers to the TICAH run SRHR hotline access services including contraception, safe and legal abortion and SGBV support


Member Organisations in 22 countries with 10 hotlines launched (MAMA Network)


Activists trained on advocacy for safe and legal abortion
MAMA Network team


People served on MAMA hotlines across Africa
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Program Highlights

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