TICAH believes in holistic health and culture

The Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health (TICAH) believes holistic health and culture are connected. We believe that culture shapes everything and that it is a marker of a healthy community. We believe we experience good health in our body, spirit and mind and within our relationships, households and communities.
Image showing the 4 areas of work within TICAH

What We Do

Our definition of health also recognizes the links between health, values and culture, the power of ritual and spirit, the role of art in communication and healing, access to quality health information & services and the power of herbs and nutrition in overall wellness.

Our work is done through four integrated programs:

Our Achievements


Traditional Elders connected and sharing their prayers and plant medicine with one another


Individuals, affected by HIV, using food and herbs for preventing and treating common illnesses leading to a 68% decrease in illnesses


people have accessed accurate SRHR information


callers to the TICAH run SRHR hotline access services including contraception, safe and legal abortion and SGBV support


Kenyan artists are part of the DreamKona network to strengthen and evolve the Kenyan arts community


Artists involved in 6 Rika Residencies reaching of different age sets, genders, arts practises, studios/collectives to build relationships and develop mentorships
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The Way We Work

Listening and Co-Creation

We start by listening to communities’ stories, cultures, challenges, opportunities, adaptations, and more.  Through listening and discussion we co-create programs finding progressive ways to address Kenya’s most pressing issues.

Safe Spaces and Values Clarification

We create safe spaces for people to openly share their views, values, challenges and experiences without judgment or repercussions.  In these spaces, we also clarify values that we individually or collectively have about certain issues or ideas.  By clarifying values, we establish areas where we connect and where we need to find mutual understanding.

Facilitation and Training of Trainers

We are facilitators supporting communities to organize themselves, find local solutions to challenges, advocate for change and protect one another.  We have developed several tools to support conversations and learning in workshops.  We provide these materials to local trainers and facilitators to share within their communities after they are trained on how to use them.

Advocacy and Celebration

We raise our voices to advocate for better laws, policies and practices to protect rights, access to holistic health services, freedom of expression, indigenous culture, sexuality, reproductive health.  We celebrate the beauty and diversity of ideas, ethnicities, religions, sexuality, music, art, genders, indigenous cultures, and traditions as expressions of a healthy society

News and Stories

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