KU FILM NIGHT – September 23, 2016 by Mercy Oongo

We gathered students together at Kenyatta University main campus on the 23/09/2016 for a film night. We watched the film, ‘Little Miss Nobody’ in which a young lady was fighting a man who held a big position and thought he could not be fought by the average citizen against corruption. We then had a discussion on the issues that affect the students directly in campus based on the film that we had watched.


The main thing that came out of the discussion was that tribalism and corruption were the major issues affecting them. Political leaders giving students who are vying for various leadership positions in school money and students from one tribe feeling more superior to students from other tribes. It was also clear that both the male and female students were in agreement that they are equal in all ways and that they should strive to break the norm that there are certain positions and even courses in university that are meant for men and others for women.


They also agreed that no one can talk you out of your purpose regardless of who you are and where you come from, all you have to do is stay committed and set your mind to do it. The male students also encouraged the female students to go for posts like the presidents during students elections and not just stick to the posts ‘meant’ for women.