Plant Talks Every Thursday at the National Museum

TICAH hosts medicinal plant talks at NMK every Thursday!

Plant medicine has a long historical use that dates back to the stone age period. It forms an important component of health and wellbeing of many rural and urban populations across Africa. Like other countries in Africa, Medicinal plants and plant products are widely used in Kenya. WHO estimates that over 80% of Kenyan population uses herbal medicine to manage their health.

Despite this, knowledge sharing remains limited, is mostly undocumented and is passed orally from one generation to the next. Over the past six years, TICAH has brought together traditional elders and herbalists from different communities to share and exchange knowledge on medicinal plants useful in their communities.  With a long standing relationship and the trust that they have developed with TICAH, they have freely shared their knowledge and brought some of the herbs that they use in their communities. 

We planted these plants at our Medicine Shield Garden at the National Museums of Kenya to act as a teaching resource where anyone interested can learn. Since its establishment, the garden has received many visitors eager to listen and learn about the plants

Learning about medicinal plants with the TICAH herbalist at the Medicine Shield Garden at NMK.
Learning about medicinal plants with the TICAH herbalist at the Medicine Shield Garden at NMK.

Now, there is more to the space!  Every Thursday, our resident herbalist leads a plant talk.  Participants include herbalists and herbal medicine enthusiasts, but everyone is welcome regardless of their knowledge of plants.  We talk about common illnesses, plants that prevent or treat them, stories from our communities.  In our discussions, we remind ourselves of what our grandparents used back at home when we were growing up.  Most everyone can relate with the plants at the garden, as most have at least one that they know about and used growing up.

Join us every Thursday and be part of the group to discover the benefits of the plants that grow in your backyard.  No registration fee required. We are located at the National Museums of Kenya grounds, next to snake park.

See you there!