TICAH staff transition to a more daring era

2018 marked a new beginning for the Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health. Mary Ann Burris, TICAH’s founder and former Executive Director officially became an elder as Jedidah Maina, former Deputy Director embraced the responsibility as TICAH’s new Executive Director. This growth is also being manifested among all TICAH staff taking on new responsibilities in their respective departments

As we all step into a new era, with new roles and responsibilities, it’s important to grow as one team. Following our organizational growth journey, TICAH staff have participated in trainings and staff development workshops and meetings to smoothly mature into new roles and responsibilities.

Facilitated by Spire, and inspired by TICAH’s values for listening and inclusion, the workshops rejuvenated the team and revamped our cohesive work environment.  The workshops entailed job description specifications, job titles, project and program reviews, growth opportunities, and organizational challenges to address.