Young Women Supporting Each Another

We facilitate reproductive health discussions with young people in and out of schools.  Mercy was one of our school club members.  She was part of the club popularly known as Fearless Angels. She passed her final examinations and was able to join a university in September 2019. She had barely adjusted to university life when the world was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Schools were closed and she was forced to stay at home.

Having gone through TICAH’s sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) training, Mercy says that she could not sit at home and watch girls in the community make bad choices every minute that she walked down the streets. She formed a group of 21 girls and formed a safe space to have conversations around SRHR. She invited the TICAH community facilitator, who also doubles up as her mentor to speak to the group. The group shares a lot, and help each other find solutions to the challenges they are going through.

‘Our group is a girl empowerment group consisting of 21 young girls who are ready to learn skills that will enable them to maintain themselves and any other girl that needs help around them. I came up with the idea due to different negative things that were happening to girls in Kibera like early pregnancy etc. and thought it would be great if I utilise the skills and information I got from my high school club called “Fearless Angels”, a TICAH program that helped me develop more from my early 14 years’, said Mercy when asked why she formed the group.