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Maureen Chege

Senior Accountant

What do you do at TICAH?

I work within the Finance and Operations Department, where I play a critical role in supporting the financial management, grants management and operational objectives of TICAH while ensuring I continue to advise on best practices in line with sector standards.

What do you hope your work will do for the community you work with?

I am committed to empowering communities to be able to advocate for themselves as well as create positive impact through my work.

What do you love about TICAH?

I love that I have the space to grow. I am continuously learning diverse perspectives that challenge my thinking, and especially enjoy working with a fantastic group of individuals from all over the world, who are passionate about what they do.

Share a little about your professional background:

I work with organisations to build and enhance their systems as well as promote avenues for resource mobilization. I have over eleven years of experience within the nonprofit sector with immense experience in financial management and reporting for multiple donors, as well as supporting organizational development activities for community organisations through capacity enhancement and strengthening of financial management systems. Further, I have immense experience in sub-grants management and the development of risk management frameworks to enable the assessment and monitoring of key organizational risks.

What is your favourite food?

Mukimo ofcourse! Beans mashed with potatoes and sweet bananas.