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Mickreen Adhiambo Onywero

Program Coordinator

What do you do at TICAH?

I work in the SRHR program managing the program’s social media pages, supporting young mothers and youth SRHR projects.  I also support advocacy efforts. 

What do you hope your work will do for the community you work with?

I hope that the community I work with will be able to have reproductive health autonomy and make informed and independent choices for themselves.  I hope they will be free of coercion and violence of any form. I also hope and look forward to seeing the community implement friendly policies on reproductive health and gender-based violence to ensure that everyone has easy access to safe services and justice systems. I believe that “If we cannot do great things, we can do small things in a great way.” 

What do you love about TICAH?

The Ubuntu spirit... TICAH has become more of a family.  The integration of all programs creates a platform for a wealth of knowledge and therefore everyday is a day of learning at TICAH. 

Share a little about your professional background

I have worked with TICAH as a Program Coordinator for over four years immediately after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in gender, women and development studies.  I am passionate about justice and gender equality and equity. I have learnt advocacy, social media communications and program implementation

What is your favorite food?

Anything traditional does it for me... from traditionally made vegetables, to ugali and fish.