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Otieno Peter

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager

What you do at TICAH

I perform evaluation/impact assessments of key programs, manage the MELS framework and ensure the implementation and adoption of MELS.  I conduct periodic evaluations of data quality based on program needs, and compile MELS reports for mid-term and end-term monitoring and evaluation. I also help to set research targets in conjunction with the program leads and build tools and software to collect data.

What do you hope your work will do for the community you work with?

On all levels, I believe in community participation. What I aim to improve when I interact with the community is the concept of "I participate, we participate, they decide". I pay attention to community engagement and the use of community mechanisms that place them at the center of power and impact. I want to see the communities with which we work set up community-based monitoring systems so that they can make independent choices about their own development.

What do you love about TICAH?

Oh yes, there are so many things I love about TICAH that are cool and I would write a book about it : ). My favorite is the very responsive organizational culture that inspires you to learn and set your goals whilst ensuring the resources needed. Can you believe that in my job description, I have a "follow your heart" section, which encourages me to explore new areas of the programs for all round growth?

Share a little about your professional background?

I am a Monitoring and Evaluation specialist with over 8 years experience in tracking and managing results in diverse health, culture, livelihood, and social protection programs in rural and urban areas of Kenya. I interact closely with development frameworks and policies in Kenya and will continue to engage actively in generating knowledge that shape development approaches in the region. Previous to joining TICAH,  I have worked with  Green Forest Social Initiatives, Concern WorldWide, SOS Children Villages among other non profits.

What is your favourite food?

Being that this is not very African :) where we believe we eat what we can find, anything that is considered traditional food will pass as my favourite food :)