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Tracy Nyenze

Head of Finance and Operations

What do you do at TICAH?

I provide oversight of all finance and operations processes including financial management and reporting, human resources management, internal systems and processes. Working closely with the Head of programs and the Head of partnerships to drive efficient management of resources, enhanced performance monitoring and reporting and reduce overall organizational risk. As part of the leadership team, I support the accomplishment of the strategic plan by providing mission driven leadership.

What do you hope your work will do for the community you work with?

My work will ensure that funds are utilized in the spirit it was given for. Colleagues are motivated to respond positively and address root cause of issues pertaining to art, culture, and health to the communities we work with.

What do you love about TICAH?

I love that we care about people more than fame. TICAH has deliberate efforts to nature its staff to respond to the communities we work with even if it does not put us in the limelight.

Share a little about your professional background.

I consider myself a servant leader who has the ability to mentor and motivate others to become better versions of themselves. I have worked in different industries and honed my skills in overall leadership, accounting, financial management, auditing, human resource, and administration functions. Some of my career highlights include; studying trends in the finance industry and advising management on best ways of approach, ensuring internal control systems are adequate to prevent and detect frauds,  People management, development of policies  and implementation to ensure the institution comply with the statutory and taxation issues, documenting proposals and consultancies, overseeing the audit department and creating annual audit schedules, revising budgets as well as implementing auditor’s recommendations regarding projects. I am a bold, strong communicator and an excellent relationship builder who is able to thrive in a fast-paced, agile and dynamic environment. I possess the ability to develop business insights and make decisions based on Return on Investment and risk assessment. I am a Certified Public Accountant of Kenya (CPA-K) and hold a Master's degree in Strategic Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce (Accounting) from Daystar University.

What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is Muthokoi made with green cow peas and or pigeon peas. Given that I cannot eat it due to dietary restrictions I have adopted to liking mucere (rice)and kienyeji chicken if it can be grilled the better.

Who (living or dead) would you like to have dinner with and why?

Many people but I will only talk about two for now. Alive, Joshua Selman a pastor who has taught me the benefits of relationships and the power to make wealth topics that are key to any human destiny. Blessed Memory Dr Myles Munroe from Bahamas who through his videos and books has enhanced my leadership skills.

How do you spend your free time?

Being an Introvert, I love reading and will  jump into it anytime I am free. I also love traveling as it does expose me to different cultures.